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USA 4KUNIVERSE - World's First 4K Ultra HD North American Show Provider - SES TV, Amazon FIRE TV, ROKU TV, SONY BRAVIA 4K, Switzerland SWISSCOM! SEEi.TV ADINNO.INC Poly International offers ultra-high-quality 4K programming with North American sports, fashion, scenery, music, travel, film and other scarce resources, exclusive! For more detailed program listings and cooperation, please email:



The protagonist Peter was the victim of economic turmoil in the United States in late 2000, from normal life in Miami to homelessness. It is a drama based on real events.

The Empire of Winds


Embark on a 1500 km Patagonia journey with Arcteryx athlete Johannes Hoffmann and Thibaud Duchosal w/ local gaucho skier, Lucas Swieykowski

Wolf mother


To make up for the mistakes made before, a celebrity Hollywood star disguised as a prostitute. In San Francisco joined with another thief to solve a kidnapping case of concern.

Dragon: Myths and Eudemons


Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Beasts Explore the relationship with history, geography, paleontology, literature, art, national identity, etc. through time, across cultures and continents, based on the legend of dragons.

Mount Rainier National Park

American scenery

"Our trilogy was taken for everyone who wants to visit Mount Rainier National Park. You can see Cabernet, Lake District, Spray Park Trail, Torm Peak, Fremont Lookout Mountain Trail, Berkeley Park Trail, Burroughs Mountain Road, and Palisades Lake Trail. Enjoy breathtaking views of nature and scenery.

Oregon Painted Hill

American scenery

This is the masterpiece of the Creator with an invisible brush, amazing scenery of Oregon's famous mountains, so that visitors shocked her breathtaking beauty! Painting the mountain is a reappearance of history that you can touch with it and see it with your own eyes. Each color of the hill represents a different geological era.

The Ring of Life - Iceland

American scenery

Iceland is more enchanting than anywhere else on the planet. See how life begins, see how it grows, and how it ends. Take a look at the majestic volcanoes, boiling fountains, raging waterfalls, steep fjords and gigantic glaciers, endless lava wilderness ... There are hardly any other countries in the world like Iceland, where the remote islands in the arctic northern sea are full Natural wonders. The process of life, growth and decay can not be observed anywhere here on this planet. Filming Iceland, producer and photographer Reinhard Kungel tells the story of life silently and silently.

Grand Canyon

American scenery

The Grand Canyon National Park is a fabulous video guide in the 4K ULTRA HD quality area, along the sunny path to the bottom of the canyon, closer to the depths of the Earth. It is time to discover the miracles and mysteries of this world heritage.



Moderated by model and fitness expert April Scott, the Model Turned Superstar brand new model competition brings together 80 international models to compete for bonuses that change life's trajectory and world-renowned fame, each bringing audiences to Exotic places, where contestants must overcome their fears and challenge their courage, such as lasso through the jungles of Thailand, dance in the sea of love and tropical sharks to capture their most perfect shots. A series of shooting And the challenge will decide which 13 girls to head to the sumptuous Beverly Hills, California luxury mansion and then announce a $ 1 million winner, with only winner and she will have all the glory, gorgeous turn For the super model.

Red Cow Kaleidoscope

Extreme sport

Kriss Kyle's Kaleidoscope is a visual effect that combines cutting-edge filmmaking with changing BMX's rules of the game. According to Chris's story, the great efforts made in the filming and how to jointly create such a masterpiece.

Boxing champion - Gary O'Sullivan

Sports documentary

A unique documentary about boxing champion Gary O'Sullivan, vying with British heavyweight boxing champion Billy Joe Sanders for the WBO International Championship.

Blue world

Underwater documentary

Blue World is a documentary documenting the extreme sport of diving in the United States, which documents a great deal of marine life and some cave biology.