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We need you
You may have missed Alibaba in the wave of the internet, WeChat in the trend of mobile internet, but you may not want to miss the era of mobile live new media. Over the years, Shanghai Port Ju has been focusing on mobile communications and broadcasting media, mobile OTT and ecological health and other fields, to provide domestic customers with products, services and solutions; today, Shanghai Port invited you to join hands for the arrival of mobile live broadcast of new media Add wisdom wings, to bring customers a more comprehensive service and experience.
Here, you will get a chance to fully play. The current market crowded, flourishing, some areas need to be clearly planned, flexible and pragmatic implementation of the task, which is the challenge is also an opportunity, it is every elite dream stage!
Catch up with the next wave of technology upgrades;
Working with a group of passionate idealist doers;
In the business arena to display their fists and take the sole role;
Get a competitive salary, and master the balance of work and life!
Please send your resume to:, to highlight your talents and experience.