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We believe that being a good partner is the key to success in the future. Whether you are in the broadcast industry, the internet from the media, distributors or other types of technology providers, we are happy to work with you to provide our customers with a constantly evolving, specialized solution. The following are the companies that have close cooperation with us.

With the intensification of live broadcast of new media, liveU's portable live broadcast equipment integrates the antenna array technology using multiple cellular networks under the premise of ensuring high-quality video and audio transmission, and further integrates the volume and weight into a compact and compact .

Wowza is a streaming software company branded "Any Screen Done Right®." With its ease of use and economy, Wowza delivers high-capacity audio and video content over IP networks to desktops, laptops, mobile devices (cell phones and tablets), or IP set-top boxes. Increased economy Reduced coding, storage and management costs, wireless radio and television, content distribution networks (CDNs), and other rich media businesses save money, increase efficiency, and streamline workflow.

Mellanox Corporation is a leading provider of server and storage end-to-end connectivity solutions. Mellanox, Inc. has been working on the development of InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect products and continues to innovate to provide customers with products that offer high bandwidth, low latency, scalability, power savings and cost advantages.

With the broadcasting industry's growing demand for IP-based satellite transmissions, satellite transmission technology company NovelSat announced immediate support for its IP-based transport stream (TSoIP) for all its satellite transmission product lines.

AABONAIR is a radio and television solution for wireless video transmission over long distances. The device system features voice conversations, TallyZ system, picture return and 7ms picture delay.

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