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About us

ADINNO INC. Is a high-tech company with a global strategic vision. The development of the company focuses on the world's leading high-tech fields. Its major businesses include radio and television media, mobile OTT and eco-health. Its marketing activities, business footprint and customer base span all corners of China and the world.

We provide internet new media solutions:
  • SEEi-4K BO Van
  • SEEi Mobile Custom OTT Systems and Services
  • SEEi-I end to end financial media mobile live platform
  • Broadcasting station financial media interactive solution
  • District Huifen Min Rong media solutions
  • Emergency command video system
  • Point-to-multipoint remote video interactive interview program

ADINNO is a company that values user experience services. Therefore, when we produce the above-mentioned product series and solutions, we fully ensure the "easy-to-use" experience of the vast majority of users while fully considering the development of "new media on the Internet."

We promise:

Produced are high quality, sincerely treat every customer. We listen to the voices of customers, to fully meet customer needs, to help them overcome the problem. we provide:

  • Advanced custom solutions
  • Rich and complete product line
  • Deep drilling years of professional skills
Customer Care

We are committed to paying attention to every customer's needs. In every process of service, let you have a pleasant mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:

  • Efficient;
  • Candid, fair and courteous
  • Listen patiently and respond quickly
  • Enhance the team's expertise and skills
Quality assurance

Constant pursuit of high quality is ADINNO's entrepreneurial spirit. We try our best to make the product to the standard, and beyond your expectations.

  • Strict quality management and after-sales service procedures
  • Enthusiasm, timely customer feedback
  • Product Improvement System
Win-win Stratagem

ADINNO is a company focused on a win-win partnership. Co-operative companies in various parts of the world, efforts to provide domestic enterprises with international products and services

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Customer Reviews

ADINNO INC.Independently developed and successfully marketed SEEi-I mobile media live broadcast platform, set the scene to create and transmit functions and other functions as a whole, with a highly integrated, full-featured and low-cost advantages for the current The growing demand for live media provides an economical, high quality and efficient solution.

BIRTV Awards Expert Group

August 2017

Through our trial, on the whole, ADINNO INC. Polytechnic developed and produced 4K ultra-high definition Internet broadcast vehicle, which is easy to use, cost saving and easy to operate. And equipment also belong to the industry's high-end and advanced technology and equipment.

SMG Five Star Sports Media Co., Ltd.

March 2017