SEEi.TV Ultra-HD Broadcast Android APP


1. SEEi.TV is a complete solution for both traditional media SDI output and new media IP stream output

2. The SEEi.TV make-transfer-output point-to-point complete solution can be provided for various TV stations and traditional mainstream media to use as a completely opened 'tool'

3. SEEi.TV has four 'lightweight':
Lightweight design
Lightweight product, solution and system
Lightweight system cost
Lightweight operation cost control
4. With practical experience of two and a half years, and proved to be stable and reliable
SEEi.TV comes to have various stable technical methods through 100+ domestic and international live broadcast activities, including international events, important government, business, technology or sports events and network variety support
5. HTML5-based web streaming interaction and browse as well as the support for iOS APP, Android APK and integration with WeChat and Weibo