SEEi-8 4K All-in-one Machine

SEEi-8 4K Internet All-in-one machine reduces traditional production equipment, such as mixers and caption machines, etc. It has the advantages of low power, full function, excellent performance, ease to maintain and upgrade, long life and high cost performance.

This device has a small volume, with the dimension in centimeter (43Wx34Hx22D), and the weight (12KG). It consists of a industrial grade stainless steel chassis and a pordable trolley case, so it's firm and convenient for building a live studio.

The all-in-one design makes this machine portable to any other peripheral device, such as operating platform. It is so convenient that assistant directors will get used to it soon after simple training.

The all-in-one machine makes up for the functionality of traditional hardware director. It can accomplish such functions as 4K UHD live broadcast, collection, record, production, subtitling, UD or SD virtual keying multi-screen, etc.

It can take the place of expensive traditional device for slow motion replay in sports live event broadcast. Its software implementation makes itself more extensible and convenient.

It can support either 8 full HD switches or 2 4K Ultra-HD switches.

It supports large screen real-time output display on the spot, new media live and broadcasting background SDI insertion.