MPB-12000 Mobile Power Bank

This product is suitable for all types of:
Mobile phones、MID、PSP、MP4、iPad、digital cameras、Bluetooth
headsets、Portable DVD、CD players and other digital products.
Fast charging, 5V1A, 5V2A output, the maximum output current up to
Battery capacity: 12000mAh.
Hardware and software dual protection of over-charge, over
discharge, short circuit, over current, low battery alarm.
Constant voltage constant current charging, constant voltage
constant current discharge, high efficiency output.
Load automatic identification (plug and charge), no-load
automatic identification into shutdown mode.
One-touch switch, power queries, long press 3S boot.
Lithium-polymer batteries have high energy density, more compact,
ultra-thin, lightweight, and a variety of significant advantages
such as high security and low cost, is a new battery.

MPB-12000 Spec._ADINNO.pdf