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During the recent US NAB Show in Shanghai, ADINNO Inc. provided live broadcast service for several NAB forums through SEEi.TV UHD live platform. At the exhibition, ADINNO also published the first 4K UHD Internet broadcast media van which would solve the problem of transmitting 4K UHD stream. Meanwhile, ADINNO published the first patent 4K UHD live video APP —— SEEi 4K UHD mobile streaming APP.

4K quality means that resolution can provide more than 8 million of pixels, realizing movie quality, more than four times the size of the current top-level 1080P However, the price is expensive. The amount of data per frame is 50MB, so whether you want to decode, play, or edit, you need top configured machines。 4K UHD video refers to digital video of which the resolution is 3840×2160, about 4 thousand pixels in the horizontal direction, and it is the highest resolution digital video now.

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