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SEEi-8 4K All-in-one

SEEi-8 4K All-in-one subtitles and other equipment, with the advantages of smaller size and more. The compact size of the device is only (W43xH34xD22) cm, weighs only 25KG, using an industrial grade stainless steel chassis with a portable trolley case, durable, can be used to quickly build studio outdoor scene.

1. Alternative to traditional live broadcast, including switchers, mixers, video recorders, encoders and other equipment.

2. Can access multiple network (RTSP) video streams and 2 4K Ultra HD camera or 8 HD camera.

3. Support for sports events slow motion needs, configure slow motion playback from 5 to 400% speed selection.

4. Built-in powerful streaming media server, supporting the special needs of enterprises and institutions (government, public security, medical, education, etc.), without third-party video servers, LAN direct viewing.

5. Can be output to the OTT platform, but also through the Internet transmission to the TV station to convert SDI signals.

6. RTMP can be pushed to any mainstream support live streaming CDN access platform: love Fantastic Live, Tencent live, Youku, also supports foreign live platforms Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and so on.